About Us


CGA BRYSON has it’s origins in 1987 with the establishment of a project management company operating as Callaghan George Associates.

The project management role typically had the group responsible for the clients total property requirements; from a potential site selection to overall design and construction of the premises, technology and internal fitout.

The group then expanded into property development within the commercial and industrial markets. A particular focus has been the emerging hi-tech sector where the requirements of the prospective occupier are paramount.


The CGA BRYSON goal continues to remain the challenge to resolve and deliver a building brief on terms advantageous to the client.

We are proud of our endeavours to date and enjoy an emerging profile as a group dedicated to achieving excellence in product delivery.

This capacity to deliver is further enhanced by the establishment of our construction division and ability to better control the many design and development issues that arise during the course of a project.

CGA BRYSON clients have expanded to include occupiers, product investors, and financial investors.

The company objective of achieving product excellence is applied to our relationships with each of these client groups.