How Much Should You Spend on a Digital Agency?

There are some services that can be paid for once and then enjoyed immediately, but as the majority of features offered by a digital agency can be ongoing in nature, it’s no wonder why clients find themselves having to budget for these types of services. When it comes to maximising the reach and visibility of an online company, there’s no better solution than hiring a digital marketing agency – but how much should a business hope to spend to get the most from their services?

It all depends on the services chosen

If a business would like to take advantage of having a Magento eCommerce website established by a team of professional programmers, then the chances are that they should expect to pay a one-off fee. If they want the platform to be managed into the future, then this fee will also be subjected to consistent charges that can go on well into the future.

It’s these types of services that the best digital agencies in Melbourne specialise in. They don’t just propose singular services to help their clients to enhance their online visibility and maximise their web presence; they also offer a unique way to take things even further by providing consistent solutions to ensure that the best results are achieved as time goes by.

So, how much would something like SEO, or SMM cost?

There’s no set fee for these types of services unfortunately, and this is why it can be a better idea to get in touch with a digital company and see what they charge. There’s nothing to say that you couldn’t request information from a few providers and then compare their costs, but as with all things – the cheapest solution won’t always be the best one.

In most cases search engine optimisation, as practiced by a highly experienced professional, can cost about $2,000 AUD – but it can go right up to $5,000 AUD depending on the competitiveness of the niche. Likewise, social media marketing, or SMM, can cost about the same – but these are simply ball park figures. The only thing that can be said for certain is that when paying for these services, a company should expect a substantial amount back as profit. It’s this return on investment that makes the concept of SEO so appealing to those with the budget to be able to afford it.