The Pros And Cons Of SEO for a Small Business

Every website needs search engine optimisation to improve online visibility through high search engine rankings. If you have a website, you have to figure out how you are going to improve its online visibility. Some people often think about doing SEO on their own, but the best results can be obtained when professionals are involved in the process. Since there is also pay per click advertising, business owners need to consider all their options before making a decision. It is important to note that there are pros and cons of SEO and PPC, so you need to analyse them before making a decision.

The Pros of SEO

Search engine optimisation is much more affordable than pay per click. SEO ensures that your site ranks highly on search engine results page, thereby improving its visibility on the organic search results. Since most people usually give priority consideration to organic search results over paid ads, you can expect to get more traffic to your site. In addition to that, SEO produces long-term results. As long as you continue updating your content and optimising your site, you can expect to have a high search engine ranking for a long time.

The Cons of SEO

It is important to note that search engine optimization takes time to work. It may take several months to get a first page ranking. If you are running a sale in a few days or weeks, SEO may not be a suitable option. Secondly, there are simply too many websites competing to appear on the first page of organic search results. This means that even if you hire the most competent SEO expert, you will still have a hard time getting to the first page of search results. Thirdly, the conversion rate of SEO is much lower than PPC. This is because SEO does not direct targeted traffic to your site. It drives all manner of traffic, but only a few may get converted.

The Pros of PPC

Pay per click is highly efficient in improving the visibility of a site. As soon as you launch the PPC program, you can expect to get a first page ranking. This makes it perfect for short-term campaigns. It also has a high conversion rate because it is highly targeted. After all, ads are usually placed on third party websites that contain related content.

The Cons of PPC

The main disadvantage of pay per click advertising is that it is costly. After all, you have to pay for every click you get whether or not it converts. Secondly, it is only meant for short-term campaigns as the results are instant, but not long-lasting. Thirdly, PPC ads on search results usually look different, so internet users can avoid them in favour or organic results.